Thursday, September 21, 2017

"Coco" has wrapped.. Onto "Incredibles 2"!

So, I wrapped animation on "Coco" (Directed by Lee Unkrich & Adrian Molina) a couple weeks ago, and this week have started animation on "Incredibles 2" (Directed by Brad Bird).

Animating on Coco was an amazing experience. The animation talent on that film was great to feed off of. And the story was something special! I feel like this film is definitely different for Pixar, and something that everyone can get something out of! Beautifully crafted!

Incredibles 2:
What can I really say other than, this is THE animated film! The first film is what made me want to do CG animation (I originally wanted to ONLY do hand drawn animation). I'm such a fan of Brad Bird too. I'm looking forward to the amazing experience to come! it's already been a surreal 3-4 weeks on the film.

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