Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short Film Update...

I've finally finished my Animatic (at least until I get feedback on it). If the changes are minor, I may not revise the animatic. I'll probably just make the changes once I get into animation... I'm really excited though! I may have mentioned before, but my main character is modeled, textured, and rigged already. It was modeled by my friend, and past co-worker Vaughn Smith. I textured him in Bodypaint 3d, then rigged him using the Anzovin rigging tools, The Setup Machine, and The Face Machine.

I plan to do a promotional poster for the short, once I figure some things out (while doing some render tests of the model, I've come across some weird things happening). In the mean time I'll spend some time doing animation tests, to make sure the rig is in good shape. I'll probably do a walk cycle, run cycle, pantomime test, and a dialogue test. I'll post them as I complete them!