Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A lot has been going on over the past year. I just recently finished up on "Tomb Raider" this past Friday, which has been a long road (2 and a half years)- for some it's been even longer... Outside of that there's been a lot of struggles, tough decisions that had to be made, and a lot of times where I've questioned my skill as an Animator.

I'm not going to write some drawn out post about everything, but I just wanted to get to saying that the animation industry can be a rough place to be in, try to get into, and even stay in. We're often judged and categorized based on where we've worked, or how many years we've been in the field, rather than the actual quality of our work. Some of us go through countless cat and mouse games with companies, before getting a chance to work for them, only to find out things weren't quite what they seemed. You see peers move up in their careers, and you try your hardest not to compare yourself to where they're at. These things are bound to happen in life, but when it involves what you really love, it's affects are different. It can really tear you down if you let it! Don't let it! Push through that and let those moments fuel your motivation. Nothing can keep us from growing as artists! Nothing, except ourselves...

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